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For many organisations, allowing employees to work remotely was likely debated on at some point in the past. But in light of Covid-19, many Org leaders are now confronted by the decision to make remote working a more permanent policy. You wonder if remote work will impact productivity, or if it’ll change team relationships. And the barrage of news and opinions on why remote working does or not does not work isn't helpful either. For example, Twitter just announced that all of its employees are going to be working remotely. Twitter is obviously a successful company, should you perhaps do the same, right? If so, why did IBM walk back their work from home policy? Well, part of the reason why the research around remote work is contradictory is that there is ‘no one size fits all’ approach. We've gone through the work of compiling the existing literature on remote working effectiveness to help you understand how this permanent shift might impact your organisation in the long run, so that you can make a more informed decision.

Over a three-part series, we'll look at the impact of remote work on some of the most hotly debated issues:

PART I: Impact on employee wellbeing

PART II: Impact on employee productivity

PART III: Impact on organisational culture

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